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A Haiku Review, Performance Art History,  Spring Twenty-Nineteen, UNLV, Michael Barrett
A Haiku Review
Performance Art History
Spring Twenty-Nineteen

A Haiku Review
Performance Art History
Spring Twenty-Nineteen

A poetic collection of performance art his/her/our/stories. The corresponds with an interactive digital diagram that maps her/his/our/stories of performance art through sixteen lenses (Performance Art History Roundtable Map). A research team analyzed the Performance Art Context diagram (Nieslony & Dirmoser, 2002) and highlighted histories, voices, and identities not included. The team then identified 16 lenses for conducting their investigation, which concluded in the the publication of this text and the creation of an interactive digital map (prototype) that provides video, audio, text, images, and websites links.

16 lenses:
Culture and Ethics
Relationships and Connections
Identity and Personality
Digital and Technology
Memory and Story
Environment and Conservation
Consumerism and Branding
Healing and Recovery

Authors and Researchers:
Nikko Alcaraz, Miranda Barnard, Abbigail Breen, Megan Gaudinez, Armine Kassarjian, Sooyoun Kim, Alina Lindquist, Joel Martinez, Christopher Mempin, Maelissa Schmitt, Robert Scott, Jonathan Vazquez, Jade Wolfe, Christopher Wright
Facilitator: Michael Barrett

Performance Art History Roundtable Map link:

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