Artist Michael Barrett

"A brilliant manifestation for the former college football player and U.S. Marine who spent his entire life amid alpha males until cancer challenged his proverbial superman complex and forced him to reexamine life." - Las Vegas Weekly Article Link

OtherPeoplesPixels Interviews Michael Barrett
Interview Link

May 19th 2017 ITINERANT 2017, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY Event Link

June 2017 Performance-Kunst Workshop, Boris Nieslony, KunstPavillion, Burgbrohl, Germany

July 2017 P.S. - This is Live, Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands Event Link

July 2017 Performance Residency, Galeria Raczej, Poznan, Poland

August 2017 Performance Art Studies, PAS/University of Dresden, Rehloviche, Czech Republic

Image: Standing Room Only, Michael Barrett
Flyer: ITINERANT 2017, Hector Canonge