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artist michael barrett, performance, arts based research
Migrating a Fence

Migrating a Fence

I approached the international border fence in Nogales, Mexico while carrying a 25 foot bamboo pole with a camera attached to one end. I elevated the camera up over the top of the fence and into the United States. I completed this act three separate times before police intervention.

Upon crossing the border into Nogales, Mexico, I met a very helpful man by the name of Ruben. He introduced himself as a salesman and willing to show me around his home. He took me on a nice journey through the town as we shared our stories with one another. As our journey continued, our conversation eventually led to my project and my interest in locating bamboo poles.

Ruben was kind enough to lead me through a maze of alleyways as we ventured into five different shops before finding six foot bamboo rods for sale. I purchased five of them and I am almost certain I paid double their worth but this was about the experience rather than monetary expenditure. After locating an alleyway near the border fence, Ruben and I bound the poles together with tape and created a pole reaching over 25 feet in length.

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migrating a fence

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