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Teaching Activity Description: Art Making for the Spirit

Springgay, S. (2003, November 25). Cloth as intercorporeality: Touch, fantasy, and performance and the construction of body knowledge. International Journal of Education and the Arts, 4(5).

Performance Summary:
The group activity will consist of a choreographed set of instructions (see below), which examine the monstrous, altered, and masquerading body, interconnected with theories of the body’s pleasures. Ideally, the project will take place on the lawn where participants will be asked to engage with a large circular piece of canvas while performing the instructions. The approximate running time is targeted for sixty-minutes.

Summary Questions:
1. How did the activity contrast the relational concept of the body and its affiliations with an education of “tactility and felt knowledge,” with the oppressive schooling practices that arise out of a notion of the body-in-need-of-discipline-and-control?

2. How did the group activity help create a better understanding of the relationship between masquerade as interrogation and body knowledge?