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Critical Craps

In the spirit of Vegas, Dada and appropriation, Momas and Dadas cordially invites you to participate in our latest event.

Responding to the brilliant and anonymous critical reviews making the rounds through Vegas, the U.S. postal service and the internet, Momas and Dadas is offering the public an opportunity to place a bet on whomever they believe the gadfly to be.
Momas and Dadas will match any and all wagers placed between now and the time the pundit is revealed.

With the assistance of a Las Vegas defense attorney, M.A.D. has acquired a disposable magnetic latent print kit.

The fingerprint samples taken from the handwritten letter are currently being reviewed within a local lab and will take up to 6 weeks for review.

At that time, a ceremonial event will be held (with cake) and the name and/or names behind the stupendous critical correspondence project will be announced to the public.
No money will exchange hands until it is certain whom the denigrator behind the wonderful works of art is.

At that time, a “Collector” and “Handler” will be dispatched to meet with you to either collect or deliver the agreed upon wager.

Only bets played through the facebook platform will be honored.
Below are links to the current reviews available on the deprecator’s website.

Good luck and happy playing!

Momas and Dadas: New Genres Project House