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Kunst der Begegnung °7, art of encountering °7, PAErsche, open source performance, Beate Linne, Liping Liping, Felix Roadkill, michael barrett, GoetheExil, Andreas Graf, Ilka Theurich, Christiane Oppermann, hanover, germany
Kunst der Begegnung °7 - Hanover
open source performance

Learning with Beate Linne, Liping Liping, and Felix Roadkill, at the GoetheExil.

Kunst_der_Begegnung (Art of Encountering) °7 - Artists from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, and America met with the aim of sharing their methods, models, and artistic strategies in the field of performance art

Photo: Andreas Graf

Special thanks to Ilka Theurich, Christiane Oppermann, PAErsche and all of the outstanding people involved.