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New Masculinities, Michael Barrett, Art of Encounter VII, Köln, Germany, BEO's Halle, Carlswerk
New Masculinities
Solo performance

New Masculinities

Solo performance - Art of Encounter VII, in Köln, Germany
Location: BEO's Halle - Carlswerk during

Idealized masculinity sets up structures of oppression that are re-inscribed from the elementary school playground to the battlefield. It is important to recognize that there are always multiple, competing definitions of manhood. So that empowering the disempowered and giving voice to the voiceless may also be masculine activities.

PAErsche Aktionslabor
Boris Nieslony, E.P.I. Zentrum
Rolf Hinterecker, Thomas Reul

Image: Anja Plonka

Special thanks to PAErsche, Boris Nieslony, Rolf Hinterecker, and Thomas Reul for the invitation.